National Housing Conference Releases Report on Health and Housing

News: the National Housing Conference (NHC) released a report called The Impacts of Affordable Housing on Health: A Research Summary that illuminates 10 different ways that affordable housing improves physical and mental health of residents.

Context: This report is an update to the NHC’s 2011 report on the link between affordable housing and health in children. It takes that research and expands it to see how housing positively affects the health of adults and seniors.

Effect on Practitioners: in a climate of shrinking funds and increasing skepticism of the value of affordable housing, it is important that practitioners broaden their argument and show that affordable housing is not only a moral responsibility, a cornerstone of financial well-being, and contributes to a thriving economy, but as the platform from which all other interactions take place, that housing has firm links to other national priorities. This report on the link between health and housing is a great example of this – PLACE encourages housing practitioners to incorporate this message into their advocacy efforts.

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